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Aruthur Is the Best

I bought a 2016 Mercedes from Arthur. He was great. Very patient, kind, and informative. I have gone back a few times for him to show me how to use all the bells and whistles. He was very kind , goes out of his way to help. Not pushy I like that. Thank Arthur

Bought a 2009 Toyota Camry from this awesome place! Dominic and Arthur were great! They were super nice and not pushy trying to sell me anything extra. They have great cars for great prices. Next time I need a car or anyone I know this would be the first place I send them to. Thanks for helping me out!

I came here to look for a car with my family. Vicky and Dominic helped me a lot. They are very friendly. They answer all my questions, and complete all the request I asked for. Very patient. Thank you for your help. I got the car we love with good price. I definitely come back for more businesses..

Had a great experience shopping for a car. Each one of them were kind, courteous, prompt and attentive. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a quality used vehicle and excellent customer care.

I have recently purchased a Mercedes-Benz from Dominic at Ideal, I was a little skeptical at 1st after seeing the previous review but Im glad my wife insisted to go check out the car that we wanted, it turn out everything went smooth and easy. Dominic and Vicky were awesome, no pressure, easy going and of course their lovely Golden retriever. The whole purchase experience was great.

Great place! We just bought a new car and we got a great deal. Dominic is awesome. Very helpful and fantastic customers service. Definitely recommend it.

Very nice customer service I bought my car from there didnt have to think twice. They were very helpful, honest l, welcoming and most important they were straight to the point not like some other dealer who confuse u . Thank u Dominic, Bruce, Vicky and most importantly their happy friendly dog Cash

Where to start off: i visit this dealership with the intentions of buying a car off my friend. which leads to me getting approved by a bank. DOMINIC AND VICKY A POWER MARRIED COUPLE right away took my friend & I in the office and they went straight to work. Work as in getting me the best deal i can from a bank. I loved that the most about Dominic and Vicky told them what i want and they tried their best to help me out. Therefore we got a good agreement with the bank. An agreement that was very much in my budget. We did all the paper work i signed all the contracts. THE CONTRACT WAS PERFECT FOR ME! Although, i slept on it to think about what i was getting myself into because getting a car is a huge responsibility. Which lead me to think about my monthly bills and decided i should wait wait to have a BIG down payment. In my mind i was upset that i wasted Dominic, Vicky, and my friends time. i let them know what my decision was and they were all okay with it. I told Dominic when Im ready is it okay if i go to him for a car he was more than happy to help me. So at the end of my school semester i will be back on Yelp to let you know how my car purchase went.

Just wanted to say thank you Dominic and Vicky for helping me find the car I wanted. I never thought I would be able to get a really nice luxury vehicle but they definitely made it happen. Ideal Motor Group always has really nice cars for a great value. I always said I will someday buy a car here and it finally happened. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I found the perfect car on at IMG while out of town. The guys (Bruce and Dominic) were more than accommodating in holding the car for a few days so I would have a chance to check it out. The car was exactly as described and was in incredible shape. I spent a good amount of the day inspecting the car and driving it around. They even helped me get a last-minute appointment at the nearest BMW dealership for a Pre-Purchase Inspection done before I made my decision on the car. When the time came, paperwork was a breeze and I was ready to drive my new car off the lot - registered and ready to go. I had secured a third-party loan for the car, so I cant speak to the process of financing through IMG, but I imagine it would be as painless as the rest of the process. Initially, I was hesitant about going to IMG having read some of the previous comments about Nicole - but I dont believe she works there any longer and both Bruce and Dominic were awesome! Plus they have an awesome dog, Cash, who hangs around the office to greet customers!

I bought a 2011 BMW X5 from Ideal Motor Group. I found the car on their website and went to their showroom to take a look. It was in perfect condition and the price was right. Nicole was great and quickly helped me get very low interest financing. They took care of all the details and were very fast about it. I highly recommend them, great service!

My boyfriend and I have done a lot of research about this specific bmw that he wanted. We went to check out the car, it was very good, clean, nothing seemed to be wrong with it, weve had it for about a week and its still very good. The car was priced to sell being about 5k under the KBB value, we were very confident in buying this car. We also already had an auto loan approval from a credit union, which they processed very smoothly and didnt have a problem at all, we drove it off the lot that evening. The paperwork was process very quickly within an hour of us agreeing to purchase the car. I forgot the name of the girl that assisted us, but she did a great job and had great customer service, also the filled about 30 in gas for us before we left because the car was empty. This place is small but the cars they have seem to be in great condition. I would definitely recommend this place.

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